We are Long Island web developers

Based in Northport, we've put countless businesses on the web and made them excel. As a full service web and marketing agency, we make websites that add real value to your business.

We are an SEO agency

When clients search your industry, what do you want them to see? We can move you to the top of the search rankings to win new clients and control the conversation about your brand.

We are mobile app developers

We provide every necessary service to go from concept to application within your budget. Whether you’re a computer scientist or just someone with a good idea, if you can put it into words, we can put it into a phone.

Scale your web business to meet demand

We offer our services on white label.
Whether you’re an agency looking to expand or an IT specialist trying to break new ground, we offer web development and search engine optimization services with white label contracts.


Our Services

Ultra-Competitive Pricing

We offer flat pricing structures. What you charge your clients is up to you.

Websites, SEO & Apps

All of Standard’s services are offered under your brand.

Project Management System

You can track project development and communicate directly with your own dedicated project manager.

Custom URL

Materials, demos and staging servers are displayed at your URL.

Dedicated Project Managers

Your clients receive a dedicated point of contact throughout the project life cycle.

“Work For Hire”

All the work we produce is owned by you.

About Us

If you find that you are limited by your ability to take on new clients, we can help you scale your business by offering inexpensive services that you can package for your clients. We provide dedicated project managers, world-class web design and cutting edge SEO practices, all conveniently located under your brand.

Our white label services are what you need to take your business to the next level. Give us a call at (631) 606-0040 to find out what we can do for you.

SEO with Standard

Here is an example Web Analysis report for your client. All aspects of the report can be customized with your branding, from colors and logos, to the URL where they receive the report.

Every two weeks your client will receive a report detailing their ranking across a set of keywords. In this report, your client will get to see where their website appears in the rankings across Google, Bing and Yahoo search.

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